Potential market

PART B: valorisation plan

SECTION I: The product



The innovation potential of this product is related to:


  • Technology-driven innovation (under the influence of the development of science – the market is not ready for the product)
  • Market-driven innovation (as a result of market surveys, the market expects the product)
  • Replacement of existing product
  • Product related to cost reduction
  • Radical new product
  • Other, what…
WIRM is a software tool capable to predict and calculate the risk of interaction between fauna and human activities aimed at nature conservation and environmental ecology. It has also the target to improve the safety on roads and reduce costs for the Public administration to indemnify for damages.

This software tool operates on a GIS platform with sophisticated statistical and mathematical models. WIRM is a modular tool structured with 4 stand-alone models:

  1. BS (Birdstrike): to file airport data on bird populations and associated strike risks, index of risk and identification of deter-dissuasion methods
  2. PSF (Power Supply & Facility): to calculate probability index of interactions between fauna/ecological systems and human energetic infrastructures (wind generators, powerlines,…) with the target to individuate alternative solutions or dissuasive systems
  3. RW (Road Way): to create risk maps on road systems, to detect the best solutions for the planning stage of new infrastructures or to individuate alternative solutions or dissuasive systems
  4. FA (Farm Activities): to create risk maps on agri-zootechnical systems in relation with ungulates or great carnivores presence and to individuate dissuasive systems.




What added value for end-users does the product hold?
• higher quality
• Better technical characteristics
• Other …
WIRM is a software that can be used as powerful tool both for the research on interactions human-fauna than for the Public Administration in territory planning and environmental management. This software can study and monitor the most important wild animal species living in a territory, analysing the interaction with human activities. It can provide important results for the territorial planning and the best solutions to reduce human-fauna impacts.





What is the Unique Sales Proposition of the potential product?
There aren’t products as WIRM on market: available software present on sale can analyze only parts of the interactions between fauna and human activities (for example birds strike, animals crossing, etc), but not the complete interactions scheme.





SECTION 2: The Market



What is the target market for the product?

National ¨

European X

Global X

Please describe the characteristics of your target market.

The market is composed both by public administrations (because the realization of large infrastructures is at transnational level and this type of work can be interesting also at global level) and private firms (for example, consultancy companies interested in project design and realization of powerplants or similar) at European level.




How the product is characterized from the following options? Number of companies producing similar products in the field.

• Base – applied by all companies in the industry

• Leading – applied by a single or limited number of competitive companies

• Key –at a development stage, but has already proven its potential

WIRM is at development stage, but it has already proven its potential in some real applications (Friuli Venezia Giulia airport and project Somplago-Wurmlach).





What type of market demand will be satisfied?

• Existing demand – the market is already developed

• hidden (latent) demand – the market has yet to be developed

Market of interactions analysis between fauna and human activities isn’t already developed: the demand is latent, because only few situations require this type of analysis of interactions (large infrastructures, powerlines, airports, etc.) and the market is covered by empiric analysis.




What is the current stage of the product’s market life cycle?

• Implementation, implementation in production (leading to a radically new product offers)

• Growth (rapid spread within the industry or outside it)

• maturity (parameters of the technical characteristics of manufactured products reached their maximum, higher-grade products can be manufactured on the basis of technological substitution)

WIRM is actually at implementation stage: it needs some months (at least 24) to develop software algorythms.




Strategic partnerships (existing or potential).
Actually there isn’t partnership. In next future this choice will depend on the model of sales or service that will be defined by owners.




SECTION 3: The Competition



What is the competition within your target market?
The competitors in this market are substantially workgroups, composed by consultants that work on different sectors on environmental topic: these workgroups work on realization of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) and similar ones and on application of Habitat directive (art.6) and consequently on interactions human-fauna.




What competitive advantages will the introduction of the new product ensue?

• lower prices based on lower production costs

• product differentiation (uniqueness of the product proposal)

WIRM product differentiation is based on a knowledge of GIS, maps and objective data rather than on empirical data.




Potential products relate to the following price range:

• High price range

• Average price range

• Low price range

The WIRM price is foreseen on an average range. It is difficult to define an exact price range because there aren’t competitors as software on sale.




Potential products will be marketed:

• To regulated markets (e.g. heat supply, water supply, universal telecommunication services, agricultural products, fishing industry, architectural services)

• To markets operating on the principle of free negotiation between agents on the market

WIRM can be oriented both to regulated market (public administration, public bodies) and to free market (private bodies, consultants firm).



SECTION 4: Indicators


Estimated cost of the new products Not applicable
Expected market volume (potential / maximum number of users) Not applicable
Expected sales volume Not applicable
Expected market share of the company (proportion between sales and total company sales in the relevant market) Not applicable




Please put X as appropriate. 1 2 3 4 5
Added-value potential       X  
Size of future market demand       X  
Competitive positioning of the product       X  


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