Natural zeolites are a group of minerals formed as a result of deformation of volcanic ash in alkaline environment. The zeolites have porous crystal structure formed by joined 3D canals. Their unique properties are due to the presence of free molecules of alkaline metals and water which allows for ion-exchange capacity with high degree of selective absorption of gases and variety of contaminants (metals, radioactive materials etc.).

Bulgarian company offers know-how and technology for manufacturing of products, based on natural zeolites. The technology allows modification of the zeolites in order to meet wide range of applications – purifying of industrial and waste water for drinking purposes, food for animals, artificial soil, drugs and food additives. The products are innovative, effective and have competitive price.
The company proposes its know-how for manufacturing of products by changing the properties of the zeolites by physical, chemical and heat modification which allows the end products to be utilised in different areas of the industry and households – water purification for drinking; treatment of industrial and waste water, food for animals, pets litter, artificial soil, food additives and drugs.

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